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Welcome Freaks!!

SonicFreaks-United is the place for those of us who seem to have an unhealthy obsession with that speedy blue hedgehog. We welcome those young and old, purebreds or hybrids; either it be the regular cast or a gang of your own; fan art or fan fiction...

Step right in... Sonic Fans Rejoice!! :dummy:
We understand ourselves you know ;p!

:bulletblue: Our purpose here is…

-To come together with the fandom we all know and love;
-Meet people who share our interests;
-Promote your art; whether it’s drawing or literature;
-View art from other artists;
-Grow and learn to improve and polish our skills;
-Chat or RP with fellow members;
-Stay on track with the Sonic stuff;

And most importantly,
Have fun!! :dummy:

:bulletyellow: Behind every safe community, there is a set of rules. So please respect and follow them.

:bulletred: How to Join

It’s easy! Don't be afraid! Click that big shiny button that says "Join Group” and you’ll instantly join us as a member!

:bulletpink: Submission Rules

Members have the privilege of contributing art by clicking the button above of said name. After that, a submitted deviation passes through a voting process by the admins.

-Members currently need a total of 3 votes to be displayed on our gallery and they can only submit 2 deviations per week, starting on Sunday.

-Contributors need a total of 2 votes to displayed on our gallery and currently have no limited submissions.

:bulletpink: Deviations must be placed in the proper folder, or else they shall be denied. If you have any doubts on where it would go don't hesitate to ask! ^^

:bulletpink: The gallery is currently divided in…

-Featured - Currently empty;
-Admin Art - deviations belonging to our admins are grouped here;
-Official Character Art – deviations that involve the official characters from the games or comics
-Fan Character Art – our member’s original characters or fan characters;
-Official/Fan Character Art - involves both official and fan in the same image;
-Stamps, Icons, Etc. - Stamps, icons, flash animations, etc;
-Comics - You know what a comic is~;
-Fan Fiction - Literature of your own invention.
-Animations; Flash animations, if it moves it goes here;
Memes & Miscellaneous - Memes, tags, or anything else that doesn't fit in the above categories;
Tutorials - Self explanatory;
Events - This means contest entries

:bulletpink: Submissions will not be accepted if…

-You have already surpassed the week’s 2 deviation limit;
-They’re screenshots or recolors;
-The art doesn’t belong to you;
-Yaoi/Yuri (sorry guys!);
-Excessive violence or sexual content (now and then is ok though);
-Those that do not follow deviantART’s rules

:bulletblack:Other Rules

- Above all, do NOT flame or leave negative feedback on other member's submitted work.
-Leaving chain/spam messages on the front of our page will result in getting 1 warning.

Official SFU ChatRoom

Gallery Folders

Fan Fiction

Newest Members


Updated Guidelines/Rules

General Rules

Disciplinary System

Rings Strike System

Each member will be given three "rings strikes" as of April 9, 2014.  Admins will have a 5 "rings strike" rule. Despite the raised strikes limitations, the admins will be under a stricter set of rules that expand beyond the usual members.

You will get a ring taken from you each time you commit a punishable act (as listed below). Once you lose a ring, you lose that ring for a month.
Play nice, be careful, and keep your rings safe! Ring 

The following actions will be subject to punishments by the admins:
:bulletred: Getting into arguments with/Harrassing fellow deviants (Flame Wars)
:bulletred: Continually breaking the rules (even after being warned)
:bulletyellow: Purposely submitting in the wrong folder (More than three submissions in a row on the wrong folders each)
:bulletred: Posing as a threat to the group or targeted individuals
:bulletred: Challenge our admins with baseless accusations
:bulletred: Situational punishments*

*This means that if there's an offensive, punishable act that isn't covered by the rules, said punish can still apply as long as it's authorized by the Founder FreakyEd.

The following actions will be be subject to punishment by FreakyEd and authorized personnel to the other admins:
:bulletred: All previously established points above (Counts as two strikes, zero tolerance against unprofessional acts)
:bulletred: Abusing administration power*

*Including, but not limited to, intentionally sabotaging voting sessions, inappropriate behaviour towards voting receptions, ban threats, write journals without former permission (twice as likely punishable if it's non-Sonic content), etc.

All administration rules are to be gone in-depth in the Admin Area

Other Rules

Romance Rules

Bullet; Green Deviations with romantic couples are allowed, provided the deviation contains no explicit sexual content, such as:

        Bullet; Red Graphical/Subtle depictions of Sex
        Bullet; Red Sexualized underaged character
        Bullet; Red Non-artistic nudity (Sonic can stay pantsless, as long as it's not...err...anatomically accurate)

Simply put, keep it family-friendly over there.

Bullet; Green Yaoi/Yuri couples are now allowed as long as it's tasteful (See rule above)

Crossover Rules

Bullet; Green Crossovers are allowed as long as the following conditions are met:

        Bullet; Red There must be at least one Sonic-related character involved
        Bullet; Red It follows the basic guidelines of the submission process
        Bullet; Red None of the involved parties should be involved in a negative light.

Bullet; Green Crossover with Official characters (Mario and Sonic) or Officials with Fan characters (Mario and Neige The Cat or vice-versa) go in their respective namesakes.

Bullet; Yellow We won't accept Fan character-only crossovers due to the possible confusion this might cause.

Submission Guidelines: What is NOT allowed

:bulletyellow: They’re official screenshots or recolors;

Screenshots from Sonic related media, edited or otherwise aren't allowed, but fake screenshots (as in you draw a picture that looks like Silver is in Sonic X, but it's all your own art instead of an altered screenshot from the show) are allowed.

Recolors are fan characters that are too obviously derived from official characters (like a fox named Steve that looks JUST like Tails only he's purple and has twelve tails) instead of having their own design (like a parakeet named Choro...or a purple twelve tailed fox named Steve who doesn't look like Tails).

:bulletred: The art doesn’t belong to you;

If you stole it outright or traced it, it's outta here. We don’t allow official Sonic art to be used*. Taking stuff from other Sonic artists online is definitely not allowed! And don't even lie and say it's all your artwork, our admins know how to search for pictures on other sites to find the source and if it's not your art, it will be reported to deviantART staff. So draw your own art and there won't be a problem!

*Customization submissions are an exception.

:bulletyellow: They're made with bases, a character generator, or a meme generator;

If you create bases that are 100% your own artwork for others to use for adoptable or other things, we'll allow those bases, just not content made with them.

:bulletred: Hate/abuse art;

This is a Sonic
Fan group, for Fan Art, Fan fic, and the like and hate art gets way less cool for people when you're being a jerk about a fictional character that may not actually deserve it. Haters stay hating elsewhere.

 Excessive violence, gore and/or sexual content;

We're talking merciless beatdowns, blood and guts everywhere (
deviantART rules say that should have a mature tag, and obviously pornographic actions (deviantART rules say that you shouldn't be submitting it to the SITE, let alone submitting it to our group) Obscene gestures and other stuff that might require a mature filter that get submitted to the group will be judged at admin’s discretion, as will borderline cases of violence and gore.

Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t see it in the games, cartoons, and comics, there’s a good chance we might not allow it.

:bulletred: Those that do not follow deviantART’s rules

If you're completely unaware of deviantART's rules, or want to be up to date with their rules, please refer to the DeviantART Help/FAQ section and the DeviantART Etiquette Policy for further details not explained in this group (that would still apply).

If, you’re unsure if your deviation fits or doesn’t fit any of the established criteria for your deviation getting rejected, feel free to ask the group admins! We’ll be glad to help you out and taking the time to check before you submit will save you the hassle of submitting it anyways only for us to have to remind you of the rules you read!

Gallery-Related Updates

Folder Changes

The following folders have been renamed for clarity and convenience:

:bulletgreen: Stamps, Icons, Etc. ==> Customization*
:bulletgreen: Memes and Miscellaneous ==> Miscellaneous
:bulletgreen: Official and Fan Character Art ==> Official with Fan Character Art
:bulletred: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games folder removed; all artwork moved to Events

*I left the original name along with the new one while people get used to the changes.

Folder Descriptions

As with some of the folders that got renamed, we will take this chance to give the folders the following descriptions.
A copy of each description will be found in their respective folders as well as in the Welcome Freaks!! module later.


Deviations specifically chosen by the admins for promotional, milestones or other reasons.

Official Character Art

Deviations that involve the official characters from the games, comics, TV shows, or other Sonic related media;

Does your deviation feature characters from the Sonic games? The Archie comics? Sonic the Comic? Sonic X? SatAM, Sonic Underground, or Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? If so, it goes here!

Fan Character Art

Deviations with original characters or fan characters;

Does your deviation have a character made by you or others you know that don't appear in the Sonic games, comics, TV shows, or other Sonic related media? If so, it goes here!

Official/Fan Character Art

Involves both official characters and fan characters in the same image;

Does your deviation have characters like Sonic, Princess Sally, or Cosmo alongside your fan character? If so, it goes here! If it only has official characters, it should go in the Official Character Art folder! If it only has fan characters, it should go in the Fan Character Art folder!


Deck out your deviantART profile, your computer, and your online life with Sonic! Stamps, icons, avatars, journal skins, emoticons, wallpapers for your desktop/mobile device, etc. go here;


If you drew a comic with Sonic and the crew, this is the place to go!

Fan Fiction

Stories and written adventures featuring Sonic and his friends (fiiiine, his enemies too!)


If it moves, it goes here.


Want to help other people with drawing Sonic and the gang? If you've made a guide on how to draw Sonic stuff, it goes here.

Sonic Zones

If you have your own fan level art for Sonic or have a picture of characters going through a level where the level is just as much of a focus as the characters, submit it here!


All former previous entries regarding to SonicFreaks-United goes here.**


Memes***, tags, or anything else that doesn't fit in the above categories.

*NOTE: Customization is the only part of the group that allows the use of official art provided significant enough modification is made to them as part of stamps, journal skins, etc. Any use of official art, modified or otherwise, outside of this folder will be rejected.

**This folder is closed by default unless there is a contest running and there isn't a dedicated folder running for said contest.

***By memes, we don't mean stuff that uses official copyrighted material (that's against the rules!) or stuff from meme generators (draw your own stuff!). Please check the other folder descriptions or contact an admin to be sure that whatever you submit here doesn't fit in any other folder!

End of Update

We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause to you. If you got any questions regarding the new rules, let us know in the comments section below for more details.

I hope these new rules help serve a better community for all you Sonic freaks out there.


More Journal Entries


We will not affiliate with:
:bulletblue: Similar themed Groups
:bulletblue: Anti/Hate Groups

If it's a fan character group:
:bulletblue: It will only be accepted if the group has more than 20

Non Sonic Groups:
:bulletblue: Would be accepted under the discretion of the Founder & Co-Founders.


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SonicMila Mar 20, 2014  New member
I LUV SONIC <3Bunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3] Tails RULES Animation Sonic (Uh-ah) [V2] 
So do we! We have so much in common! :iconsonicjawdropplz:

New games, new cartoon, and all of this  fanart on deviantART, I say Sonic has quite the year in front of him. Makes you wanna dance~ Chao sprite by mixlou
Hey there, fellow Sonic fans~

I have come to ask for your help! I am a dummy!
I have a little YouTube show called Game Girl. There I talked about the new Sonic Boom announcements! And this month I'm trying to reach 400 subscribers!

Please check it out, share, and subscribe if you like! pink heart bullet

Tails RULES AnimationDon't be shy to comment and share your opinion on the new character designs! 

Thanks so much!! :3
Gorsan Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I ask you please why this… was denied?I put it into OC Art.
We have reason to believe that your picture was traced (or at the very least FAR too heavily referenced) from official Sonic Boom art, your gallery also has other questionable examples of that. Deviations get rejected if A) it's not your own art (which it doesn't appear to be, it's just another copy of the Sonic Boom art) and B) if it doesn't follow dA policy, in which case, if it's traced, it counts against you.

If you have pictures that are more evidently your own art, please submit them to the group! :)
 :iconpaperluigi987: has been stealing art from many other sonic artists.

They claim it's all drawn by them and that anyone who calls them out is a thief themselves. 
He's deactivated his account, claims he was hacked:…

Regardless, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Ah, he's starting to hide comments. I copied all of the source links I found to a post, if he keeps pulling this stuff, just link people to it and request people report him.

We definitely won't allow him to post stuff here!
i've also gotten the direct links to your comments to set up in my journal. not sure if they still work once hidden - but i also took a screenshot.
Thank you! While you did take good care to get a screenshot, it's best that people have links to the original source pictures in case they send a violation report. So, if the comments get taken down, just link the doc.
Thankfully, none of it has made it in. I took the liberty of finding all the sources of his art and posting them on his profile, with any luck he won't find out he can hide profile comments! uvu
Thanks for letting us know, I'll check to see if any of the stolen artwork has gotten into our gallery for whatever reason.
Decision-To-Protect Feb 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Could I receive an explanation for being denied my submission.  Kinda irritates me when there is no reasoning being told behind it.
C2SilvaRymes Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Apologies. What was the submission piece and where did you submit it to?
Decision-To-Protect Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I believe it was my "YOUR RUINING MY LIFE PIECE" and I submitted it to the Official Characters Folder.
C2SilvaRymes Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds familiar, but I might have missed it in the list of submissions. Looking it up in your gallery, it seems to be an acceptable piece, so try resubmitting. I'll approve it and see what the others have to say.
(1 Reply)
SilverStreak45 Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question. Do you think you could affiliate my group, SonicFanFictionZone, and if not, just tell 
Sure, seems fine by me. Just send the request and we'll get to it!
SilverStreak45 Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
lv-a42 Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry cab you 
Affiliater my group too 
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