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Welcome Freaks!!

SonicFreaks-United is the place for those of us who seem to have an unhealthy obsession with that speedy blue hedgehog. We welcome those young and old, purebreds or hybrids; either it be the regular cast or a gang of your own; fan art or fan fiction...

Step right in... Sonic Fans Rejoice!! :dummy:
We understand ourselves you know ;p!

:bulletblue: Our purpose here is…

-To come together with the fandom we all know and love;
-Meet people who share our interests;
-Promote your art; whether it’s drawing or literature;
-View art from other artists;
-Grow and learn to improve and polish our skills;
-Chat or RP with fellow members;
-Stay on track with the Sonic stuff;

And most importantly,
Have fun!! :dummy:

:bulletyellow: Behind every safe community, there is a set of rules. So please respect and follow them.

:bulletred: How to Join

It’s easy! Don't be afraid! Click that big shiny button that says "Join Group” and you’ll instantly join us as a member!

:bulletpink: Submission Rules

Submitted deviations go through a voting process by the admins.

-All submissions only need one vote to go through. Members can only submit 2 deviations per week, starting on Sunday. The admins don't have the 2 deviations per week limit but are expected to not spam the group with their work.

-If you accidentally submitted your deviation to the wrong folder, but it still follows the rest of the group rules, you're highly encouraged to resubmit to the group. The admins will not do it on your behalf. If you're having issues figuring out where to submit your deviation, please ask the admins before you submit and we'll be glad to help! ^^

-If your deviation was rejected, depending on the admin, you may receive a message explaining the rejection. Rejections are based on the rules. If you didn't get an explanation, feel free to ask the admins for one! If you respectfully explain why you feel the deviation should be in the group, we'll reconsider. Keyword being "respectfully".

Deviations should follow deviantArt's rules. When it comes to specific group only rules...

:bulletblue: Depictions of romance, violence, and other suggestive content should be more or less at the same level as shown in the games, cartoons, and comics. No overly violent or overly sexualized scenarios. No hate/abuse art is allowed.
:bulletblue: Crossovers with multiple characters are allowed as long as it follows all the other group rules, has official Sonic characters in it, and both things being crossed over are portrayed positively. Crossovers that only include fancharacters from Sonic and other franchises aren't allowed.

-If your crossover only has official Sonic characters along with characters from the other media in said crossover, it goes into the Official Character Art folder. If your crossover has official Sonic characters with Sonic fancharacters with the other crossover characters, it goes into the Official/Fan Character Art folder. If your crossover either features official Sonic fancharacters or officials with fancharacters along with the other crossover characters and it's a fancomic, it goes into the Comics folder.
-Fan "Mobian"/Sonic style versions of characters from other franchises (like a cat version of Ryuko from Kill la Kill) go into the Fan Characters folder.

:bulletblue: No screenshots from Sonic media, edited or otherwise allowed, fake ones you draw yourself are fine. We don't allow the use of official art in deviations with only two exceptions:

-Modified official art as part of our Customization folder, meaning submissions like wallpapers, stamps, journal skins, etc.

-Official logos like the Sonic Team, Sonic Channel, Sonic Archie comics, and others used to make fake game covers, comic covers, Sonic Channel wallpapers and the like.

:bulletblue: No stolen artwork, no traced artwork, no recolors, no drawings made from bases, character generators like dress up dolls, or memes from a generator. We allow custom bases but not work made with them. Custom bases should go in our Miscellaneous folder. We allow deviantArt memes, which are deviations with questions where artists draw their answers, but not stuff like demotivationals or rage comics. If we suspect that you are using stolen material, Google Reverse Image Search and other tools will be used to confirm. If this is the case, your submission will be rejected and reported to dA staff.
:bulletblue: Above all, do NOT flame or leave negative feedback on other member's submitted work.
:bulletblue: Leaving chain/spam messages on the front of our page will result in getting 1 warning.

:bulletpink: The gallery is currently divided in…

Deviations specifically chosen by the admins for promotional, milestones or other reasons.

-Admin Art
Deviations belonging to our admins are grouped here;

-Official Character Art
Deviations that involve the official characters from the games, comics, TV shows, or other Sonic related media (this includes humanized/gijinka and "alternate universe" versions of the characters);

-Fan Character Art
Deviations with fan-made characters that don't show up in official Sonic media. Adoptables should be submitted here, as well as Sonic style/"Mobian" versions of characters from other non-Sonic media;

-Official/Fan Character Art
Involves both official characters and fan characters in the same image;

-Deck out your deviantART profile, your computer, and your online life with Sonic! Stamps, icons, avatars, journal skins, emoticons, wallpapers for your desktop/mobile device, etc. go here;

NOTE: Customization is the only part of the group that allows the use of official art provided significant enough modification is made to them as part of stamps, journal skins, etc. Any use of official art, modified or otherwise, outside of this folder will be rejected.

If you drew a comic with Sonic and the crew, this is the place to go! Fancomics and fan comic covers go here. If you're an official Archie Sonic comic artists, this is where you'd put pages you've officially worked on (and covers, but only if you've also done work on the interior pages of the issue the comic comes from, if you haven't, they'd go in Official Character Art)

-Fan Fiction
Stories and written adventures featuring Sonic and his friends (fiiiine, his enemies too!)

If it moves, it goes here. Animated icons go to the Customization folder.

-Commissions and other Sonic selfpromotion
Submit your Sonic commission sheets/journals/examples here! If you're having a Sonic related event, contest, giveaway, or anything that involves asking Sonic fans to get involved, it goes here too!

Want to help other people with drawing Sonic and the gang? If you've made a guide on how to draw Sonic stuff, it goes here.

-Sonic Zones
If you have your own fan level art for Sonic or have a picture of characters going through a level where the level is just as much of a focus as the characters, submit it here!

All former SFU contest entries go here.

This folder is closed by default unless there is a contest running and there isn't a dedicated folder running for said contest.

Memes (deviantART drawing memes, not stuff like advice animals or ragecomics that you can make using a generator), tags, or anything else that doesn't fit in the above categories.

NOTE: Please don't submit stuff here that could easily fit in any other category. If you're confused about where to submit, please contact the admins. We'll be happy to help!

:bulletpink: Rings Strike System

Each member is given three "rings strikes", admins have a 5 "rings strike" rule. Despite the raised strikes limitations, the admins will be under a stricter set of rules that expand beyond the usual members.

You will get a ring taken from you each time you commit a punishable act (as listed below). Once you lose a ring, you lose that ring for a month.
Play nice, be careful, and keep your rings safe! Ring by ANGEXNEWCOMER

The following actions will be subject to punishments by the admins:
:bulletred: Getting into arguments with/Harassing fellow deviants (Flame Wars)
:bulletred: Continually breaking the rules (even after being warned)
:bulletyellow: Purposely submitting in the wrong folder (More than three submissions in a row on the wrong folders each)
:bulletred: Posing as a threat to the group or targeted individuals
:bulletred: Challenge our admins with baseless accusations
:bulletred: Situational punishments

Official SFU ChatRoom

Gallery Folders

Fan Fiction
Commissions and other Sonic selfpromotion

Newest Members


A former Shirogumi Inc. employee (you might know them as the group that helped with the Sonic '06 cinematics) is asking for people to help fill out a survey to decide on a concept to develop for a CGI indie film! As such, they asked me to let you guys know about it. The survey is here:
More Journal Entries


We will not affiliate with:
:bulletblue: Similar themed Groups
:bulletblue: Anti/Hate Groups

If it's a fan character group:
:bulletblue: It will only be accepted if the group has more than 20

Non Sonic Groups:
:bulletblue: Would be accepted under the discretion of the Founder & Co-Founders.


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Hello guys, are you interested in featuring this?…

If you are, please send a submission request and it's yours ;)

If not, ignore this.
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I went ahead and sent you a request ^^
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If you send a submission request it'll be all fine :)
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i'll resubmit it this time to Miscellaneous
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If a deviation expires when in the process of being accepted, does that mean its denied?
HappyAggro Featured By Owner May 2, 2015
No, there was a recent spurt of deviations that ended up not getting accepted or rejected. Apologies for the inconvenience.
TheLibraFairyTales Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
Oh, ok ^w^ i like your icon xD
HappyAggro Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
We let in your thing, so no worries! Also, thank you!
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HeroArt110 Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Student Filmographer
do you have a folder for fan redesigns?
HappyAggro Featured By Owner May 2, 2015
We do not, any art of official characters regardless of them being in their original designs or fan made redesigns, go to the Official Character Art folders.
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